My Three Do’s Of Having Best Home Improvements Project

I spent much time sighing over glossy housekeeping magazines where they feature a tour around some celeb’s mansion. Torn between seeing the grandeur of the houses of super riches and our own tight spot when it comes to money, I was in much dilemma about ‘to be or not to be’. But thank to my lucky stars, my hands laid upon some useful articles about best home improvements. And from there, I learnt to differentiate the artistic value of a house and the resale value. And later, when we needed to extricate 10% of our contingency fund for house remodeling, I promptly realized that it’s the latter which should matter most for us- the middle-class, hard-working populace.

Why At The End, Resale Value Makes The Whole Difference?

Most of us consider a house as future investment. Only the stinking riches can think about importing Mexican grass, Italian tiles or Belgian glasses among best home improvements. But the articles said that even if you build a Victorian mansion amidst trailer park that would have no resale value. So it’s always advisable to take into account the neighborhood and its real estate value.

Three Must-Haves For Home Improvements I Learnt Along The Journey

  • The systems should run in order

As having a glowing skin always weigh more than caked in make-up, a house which has all the internal systems like plumbing, heating, sewerage, wiring in order- is buyers’ delight and it’s far more important than having swimming pool.

  • Wooden deck is ‘in’

With the increasing cost of lifestyles, most of the families these days like to spend their time at home. Adding a wooden deck was pricier, but we decided to go ahead with the one, and never regretted for a second about it. When I think about the future buyers preferring my house over the others, as the deck would allow for open-air parties, bar-b-q or outdoor games; my heart starts dancing.

  • An ‘improved’ bathroom always counts

I read somewhere that according to National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), right now, bathrooms count more than kitchens. That led us to reduce the budget of kitchen improvements, and giving the existing bathroom a fresh make-over. Now we are counting the days when we will build another bathroom in upstairs.


At the end, I would like to add that we never went overboard with our home improvements. Sticking out as an odd-one in the neighbor, was never been our plan. I would advise you the same.

Best Home Improvements To Think Of

Best home improvements involve structured and systematic preplanning, that needs to be cost effective and result oriented both at same time. There is an entire array of home improvement services being offered and showcased in the market, promising customized best home improvements, which are often rather pricey, as it integrates plush interiors with space , lighting , comfort maximization that are luxuriously classy.

However for small homes like mine, pivoted fully on budget conscious home making plans – there are two possible ways for best home improvements

  1. Fixed cost improvements

These are costs that just cannot be avoided. This includes repair and maintenance costs, servicing costs for home appliances, home painting and upgrading costs.

So I have set up a yearly budget for these expenses as a part of recurring home improvement expenses. Everyone likes their homes to be showy and elegant, at the same time offering the much needed rest, comfort and personal space, to which one can retire at, will.

I have chalked out a tentative amount of monthly or yearly expenditure to keep my home functional and serviceable that integrates safety consideration with energy saving upgrades on home infrastructure.

  1. Recycling , innovative least cost improvements

These are innovative changes that can easily be done with a little amount of resourcefully creative thinking that not only elevates the look and feel of one’s home by maximizing space saving and natural lighting options, but also provides a way for storage of disposed items adequately.

The designing themes can also be twisted to give home a completely modern renovation, using entirely unused and thrown away things. For example – my living room floor rug that looks like a grand designer creation is actually made up of crocheted threads from old T shirts, which would otherwise have cluttered up storage spaces. My living room has somewhat, a multi room usage as the top of the clothes cupboard serves as my bed, leaving the entire floor space free for movement.

It’s Refreshing

After all – at the end of the day there is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.

And no matter what home improvement services encompass, in terms of commercial and marketed home improvement packages inclusive of state or art interiors, indulgent support appliances or amenities, best home improvement is that which defines my personality in terms of my idea of comfort, style and personal space .

How Can Best Home Improvements Service Change Design Of Home?

Before six months ago Pamela invited me for dinner into her house, I and Pamela work in same office. That was the first time when I visited into her house. The house is her ancestral property and was in poor condition, the furniture are of old designs as well as conked out, though Pamela tried hard to improve the condition by buying some modern model of lamp shades and home decorating materials, but in reality it actually worsened the condition of the room. I was aware of Pamela’s income, so I knew how hard it was for her to remodel this derelict house. Hence I did not say her any words upon her home, instead of that I complemented her for excellent food, and on her collection of books.

Modified The Whole Home Like An Interior Designer

Yesterday Pamela insisted me to take dinner with her in her home. I immediately gave consent as I was really impressed by her cooking. After office hours we started for her home. And I was just puzzled when we reached her home, it was entirely changed; there were yet many more surprises which were awaited. Every inch, every corner of the drawing room was modified. Observing my expression Pamela became happy and slowly she showed me every room, kitchen, bathroom, corridor and balcony. Each and every place was designed exclusively, where the drawing room gets an ethnic look, the kitchen is highly furnished with modern furniture. According to me it was one of the best home improvements I have ever seen.

It Is Appropriate To Call It Best Home Improvements

I was really surprised that how did she manage to collect this huge fund. Then she told me that she took help from home decorating services. And she did not buy any new furniture; everything was renovated by the creative ideas of experts. And even the exterior and interior designs were given by their online sites with step-by-step instructions. She just appointed some local workers for heavy work like flooring and painting. Within a limited budget she gave her home completely new look.


Best Home Improvements Projects That We Found Cheapest To Execute

As the woman of the house, I tried to leave no stone unturned to make my life’s first home improvements the best home improvements project. So much time had been invested on planning, calculating, researching, asking and then planning some more. But as the lion’s share of our savings was gone to home remodeling, we looked for cheapest route to best home improvements. We explored all the probable sources of information about low-cost, low-maintenance home improvements projects that will last long but are easy-on-the-pockets.

Few Economical Home Improvements Fixes That We Did

  • Keep the fire burning on the Kitchen

Kitchen and bathroom are two spaces that matter most in determining the resale value of a house. We paid heed into what the expert’s had to say and gave the kitchen an inexpensive facelift. In this respect, online home improvement catalogs and second-hand furniture selling sites came as saviors. Instead of buying pricey kitchen cabinet system, we hunted down an old but sturdy one and then contacted a refacing company to replace the drawers, doors and boxes with newer ones. When the beautifully polished cabinet doors shone under brighter lights, our kitchen made the heart of our home.

  • Made our bathroom look more attractive

Our bathroom-floor looked pretty dingy and worn-out first but then again taking up the whole floor and re-tiling it needs lots of moolah that we couldn’t afford back then. Instead of that, vinyl sheet made our day (read bathroom floor) as just plastering it on the top of the old floor was enough to add a pleasant and shiny look to our bathroom.

And the expensive ways we avoided like plague

  • Home office was an extravagant

We all know the importance of our own working space in home. But if we think clearly, does each of us who work from home really need an additional space dedicated to work solely? Sometimes, working while sitting on a couch can do and for the other time, a simple chair-desk combo is enough. So good sense prevailed and we never went the office-space way.

  • Sunroom is not sunny really

Adding a Sunroom may symbolize with status, but we decided to let it go. Rather we spent the money and utilized the space for building a cute, little nursery, keeping in mind the future prospects.


Being cheap doesn’t mean low-on-quality. You need to apply your intelligence and commonsense together to fix home improvements projects to make both your pocket and mind happy.